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Opposites Attract

((I HEARD ZOMBIE AU AND I JUMPED ON IT AS FAST AS I COULD. Yes, I like zombies and zombie AUs, you wouldn’t believe all of the zombie AUs I have for my OCs.
So Myfanwy traveled alone for a long time, avoiding staying with groups because she didn’t want to get too close to people and then just lose them. She was protecting herself, because she’s compassionate and gets attached to people easily. So, she traveled by herself.
Until she met the kid. She guesses he’s probably 12 years old, but he doesn’t speak so she doesn’t know his name or anything about him really. She calls him a bunch of pet names—mainly wanderer and lost boy.
Now Myfanwy and the lost wanderer stick together. They’re pretty close and almost have a brother-sister relationship. They’re not very good at fighting the zombies, but they know how to run away and hide well. Myfanwy carries a shotgun just in case.

ooc: ABSOLUTE ANGELS. Hooray for Zombie AEIOU

((thanks for the distraction guys…))

ooc: inhuman screeching
ooc: IT’S ZOMBIE AU TIME. Oh yes. After chit chatting with Edo about the AU Challenge, I ended up drawing some Zombie!AU things. We’ve plotted out how everyone meets up, and how everyone dies. Yes, in Zombie!AU everyone dies. Everyone also has their talents and such. Hasan is the unofficial, official leader (with his Military background and knowledge). Ceri is the makeshift Medic. Pan is the Crack-shot Guns Specialist (thanks to Hasan). And Leannan is the Melee man. With a love of hand-to-hand zombie beat-em-ups. More to come, and possibly death scenes for each of my babes.
ooc: I did a thing for Edo. v uv